Regulatory Compliance

We can help you meet important standards such as NEBS,
Mil Spec 810, Mil Spec 901, Tempest and UL.

Achieving regulatory compliance for your product isn’t always easy. The inherent design features of the Equipto Heavy Duty enclosure provide the basis for modifications that let you meet multiple regulations with one basic enclosure. We have years of experience helping our customers meet stringent performance regulations such as:

NEBS TR 63 – Zone 4 Seismic. Performance-conscious OEM customers have tested our Zone 4 enclosure designs since 1994. Test labs across the country have validated the combination of the Equipto Heavy Duty enclosure with seismic kit and our customer’s systems for the telecom industry’s toughest standard. Our Engineering Services group can assist you with equipment loading designs that give you the highest payload capacities possible.

Mil. Std. 810 – This tough test simulates 20 years of use on rough terrain vehicles. This is just one reason our enclosures are called Heavy Duty.

Mil. Std. 901 – A US Navy requirement that simulates a 10g hammer hit which can weaken boxes that aren’t designed like Equipto Heavy Duty enclosures. We work with you to provide long-term equipment protection.

Tempest level EMI/RFI shielding – We can help your product meet shielding requirements from FCC and VDE to Tempest level. Our shielded enclosures can provide the attenuation levels you need because we offer four different shielding levels. This allows you to choose the overall solution that many customers find to be much more economical than a one-size-fits-all solution.

ITAR Registered and Compliant

Do you need to meet more than one of the above regulations? The Equipto Heavy Duty frame allows you to specify combinations of nearly all of the above regulations combined into one cabinet. Contact us now for additional details.