Challenger Cabinets

The Challenger enclosure offers economy, versatility, modularity and size selection.

The Challenger product line is available in vertical racks, sloped-front consoles (15 degree), double-slope consoles (30 and 45 degree), low-profile frames and bench-top racks. It has been value-engineered to incorporate quality, performance and interchangeability.

Features of this line include all welded construction to minimize twist, sway or deflection. Universal side panels that can either be securely fastened from inside the cabinet to prevent tampering, or easily removed externally by utilizing their lift-off feature. Flush or face-mount doors (flush-mount doors have lift-off hinges). Additionally, the doors have positive-latching hardware, not magnetic or Velcro stripping, as a standard feature.


Because Challenger is designed to be modular and flexible, a large variety of accessories are available. Here is a small sample:

  • Wide variety of Panels and Doors
  • Fixed, Sliding and Modem Shelves
  • Storage Drawers
  • Console and Work Writing Shelves
  • Caster Bases and Trucks
  • Fans and Blowers for cooling
  • Chassis Guides and Supports
  • Copper Bus Bars
  • Gasketing
  • Power Strips

Available Sizes

Panel Heights: 22-3/4″ to 78-3/4″, in any 1-3/4″ increment.

Frame Depths: 18-1/2″, 22″, 25-1/2″, 30-3/4″ and 36″

Panel Widths: 19″ and 24″, adapters are available for mounting 23″ equipment


Many of the Challenger racks are also available in our Solid Side product line. Challenger and Solid Side racks are identical in all but one respect: solid sides in place of open frame construction. When removable side panels are not required, the Solid Side rack is a more economical choice. Solid Side racks are available as vertical racks, sloped-front consoles (15 degree), double-slope consoles (30 and 45 degree) and bench-top racks. Additionally, accessories from the Challenger line are compatible with the Solid Side line.