Multi-Unit Testbed (MUT)

For Emulating RF Environments

The first compact, modular, isolated system for testing wireless devices without an anechoic chamber.

Companies involved in designing and building products and systems for wireless protocols are all too familiar with the problem of economically testing their electronics in a repeatable RF environment. Open air testing is time consuming and unreliable. Repeat visits to third-party test facilities can cause scheduling delays and high costs.

With the Multi-Unit Testbed, manufacturers of wireless products for 5G cellular networks and handsets, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and other wireless protocols can lower test costs by as much as 90%, vs. third-party testing. Other applications include: robotics, telemedicine, military communications, and drones.

Multi-Unit Testbed Brochure

This “MUT” is a thoroughbred!

The MUT is based on the proven technology of Equipto enclosures that exceed the requirements of the toughest TEMPEST MIL standards, and have already been approved by one the world’s largest communications companies.

Equipto MUT Test Enclosure

  • Controllable wireless testbed emulates RF environments
  • Compact, modular design adapts to test requirements
  • Completely blocks outside signals and isolates internal tests
  • Eliminates time consuming open-air testing
  • Custom-sized and configured to individual requirements
  • 120dB shielding up to 6 GHz, 100dB deep into the microwave range
  • Provides the confidence you need for certification success

Take RF performance testing in-house with the Equipto Multi-Unit Testbed.

Added Features and Options

  • Configured to match your product and instrumentation requirements
  • Choice of front, rear or front ad rear doors, panels or combination
  • Choose any combination of inside containment areas
  • Four-point door lock system is easily operated
  • RF blocked power distribution systems
  • Line filters/wave guides to meet your needs
  • Field replaceable door gasketing
  • Proprietary honeycomb air filter pass air; block RF
  • Custom cooling to meet for a stable temperature environment
  • Fiber wave guide(s) as needed
  • Adjustable mounting rails inside (punched, threaded or square hole)
  • Choice of Equipto Electronics’ Standard Supports or Unistrut
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