Policies and Terms

Pricing Policy

EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION prices do not include sales tax, excise tax, or any other government charge upon production, sales or shipment of goods, now imposed or hereafter becoming effective which shall be added when, as and if applicable. ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

TERMS: All EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION prices are F.O.B. our shipping dock from our plant in Aurora, Illinois. Terms are Net 30 Days. A minimum charge of $50.00 will apply to each order.

Addressing Orders

All orders must be addressed to EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION, 351 Woodlawn Avenue, Aurora, IL 60506-9988. All orders will be considered as offers to purchase only until they have been acknowledged by EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION. Orders will be acknowledged as promptly possible.

Advance Orders

All orders received by phone, FAX, electronic mail, or otherwise considered advance orders, must be confirmed within seven (7) calendar days. The shipping date will be established from the date that the confirmation of an advance order is received in the offices of EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION in Aurora, Illinois.

Confirmation of Orders

Orders received in the office of EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION, in Aurora, Illinois, by telephone, mail, FAX, or electronic mail bearing a valid purchase order number, but not actually executed on the customer’s purchase order form, must be confirmed within five (5) working days after receipt of the original offer to buy. If this does not take place, shipment of such orders cannot be established and must be based on the date of official acknowledgement by EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION.

Cancellations, Changes or Substitutions

Please contact factory for cancellation, changes or substitution charges.

Claims for Damage

All material is priced and shipped F.O.B. our plant in Aurora, Illinois. Claims for damaged material must be filed by the purchaser with the carrier. Transportation charges paid by the purchaser include the cost of insurance against damage to the material being shipped. EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION designs and tests its packaging to meet the specifications set by the National Safe Transit Association.

Instructions for filing damage claims and generic claim form are available to assist in filing your claim.

Returned Goods

Written authorization must be obtained from EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION before material may be returned for credit. This authorization must be retained prior to the actual return of the material. All goods returned without authority from us will be refused. Returned merchandise is subject to a re-stock fee. This charge is figured on the net price of the returned goods. At the time of issuing the return authorization number we will advise you of the re-stocking fee that will be applicable to the returned material. Upon arrival of returned goods in good condition, if authorized by us, transportation charges prepaid, we will render credit for value of such material should that be necessary. No deductions are allowed in the payment of EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION invoices unless a credit memorandum has been issued by the Corporation. Material which was manufactured to special order, a modification of a standard item, obsolete design or material specially finished, or any materials retained more than 90 days after shipment, are not returnable for credit.

Changes in Design or Structure

In keeping with our basic intention to always present the most modern concept in sheet metal cabinetry and accessories for housing and installing electronic equipment and instrumentation, we will, from time to time make improvements in the design of the EQUIPTO ENCLOSURE SYSTEM and associated equipment. We reserve the right to make these product changes as and when they are deemed necessary.


When used for the purpose for which it has been designed, and within the limits as specified, every item manufactured by EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION is guaranteed for one (1) year from the date of purchase against defective material and workmanship. This guarantee does not apply while material, manufactured by EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION, is in transit from our factory to the customer’s designated receiving point.


Standard Finish

All parts, sub-assemblies, and assemblies in the EQUIPTO ENCLOSURE SYSTEM, that are to be painted the Standard Finish, are thoroughly cleaned and chemically treated to ensure clean, properly etched surfaces for the application of a water base semi-gloss enamel. The enamel, formulated to comply with EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION specifications, is based on to produce a finish of lasting beauty and durability.

Special Colors

Frames and components in the EQUIPTO ENCLOSURE SYSTEM may be obtained in any desired color, as long as the baked enamel used is of standard EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION formulation. A 3″ x 3″ paint chip, minimum size, painted on steel, or the Federal Standard 595 Color Number (and appropriate revision level) must accompany each order for special color. All special finishes must be quoted from the factory.

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