Select a turnkey package or protect your own motherboard and peripherals.

Equipto Electronics’ new TEMPEST PC concept allows customers to choose an up-to-date ATX motherboard, or an HP® or Dell® i7 PC repackaged for the ultimate in secure operation. The system delivered will be certified to the strictest standard in the industry for devices operating in NATO Zone 0 environment, the NATO SDIP-27 Level A. And because the base PC is a commercial product, the package is very cost-effective

Each system is designed for operation in harsh environmental conditions. System ventilation does not compromise electromagnetic integrity. With TEMPEST-level performance, this PC can provide a strong defense against EMP weapons and geomagnetic storms that can “take out” communication centers, power plants, electronically-controlled infrastructure, surveillance systems and more.

TEMPEST PCs are part of Equipto Electronics’ family of EMI/RFI shielded enclosure systems.
Each series is RoHS compliant and designed to meet specific requirements from commercial FCC standards to the toughest TEMPEST military standards. These cabinets allow the secure operation of equipment in virtually any installation environment. Complete, independently certified test reports are available upon request.

Each Equipto TEMPEST system is fully customizable.

Tempest PC

Turnkey systems typically include (but are not limited to) an Intel® i7 processor, ATX motherboard to your specifications, 32 GB memory, storage options, latest Windows® operating system, USB 3.0 ports, a card reader for extra security, fiber port options, DB9/DB37 connectors, and high-performance power line filter.

  • Custom-sized and configured to individual requirements
  • Compact, modular design for easy expansion or upgrades
  • Completely blocks outside signals and isolates internal processing
  • May eliminate the need to operate from a SCIF
  • Shields CPU noise from interfering with nearby communications equipment
  • 120dB shielding up to 6 GHz, 100dB deep into the microwave range
  • Provides the confidence you need for mission security
  • Rugged steel construction is far sturdier than commercial PCs
  • System measures: 18.50” high x 6.65” wide x 17.50” deep
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