Heavy Duty Desks

Equipto’s Heavy Duty Work Station product line offers superior strength and cable management.

The Heavy Duty Work Station line is our heavy duty desk line. The desks are available with an electronic compartment, a drawer compartment, (2) electronic compartments, (1) electronic compartment and (1) drawer compartment, (2) drawer compartments or without compartments. We also offer pedestal desks with either an electronic compartment or a drawer compartment. In all cases you have your choice of paint color and laminate color for the desk top.

Special features of this line include the sag proof underframe, which eliminates bowing of the laminated top from both heavy equipment mounted on top and/or heavy equipment mounted in the compartments below. The pylon end assemblies offer strong structural support and an easily accessible compartment for storage and passage of cables. The pylon end assemblies can be covered with either a screw fastened panel or a quick access latch fastened panel. The knee space of the desks can be equipped with either a modesty panel which includes a storage shelf; a cable trough which allows for invisible passage of wiring, power distribution and extra storage; or a cable compartment which offers a passage and gathering point for cables, a power distribution point from power cables and outlet strips, storage for extra electronic components needed for future service or repairs and mounting space for electronic equipment.


Because the Heavy Duty Desk/workstation line is designed to be flexible, a variety of accessories are available. Here is a sample:

  • Wide variety of panels and doors
  • Storage drawers and pencil drawers
  • Casters
  • Fixed, sliding and modem shelves
  • Chassis guides & supports
  • Outlet strips

Available Sizes

Standard Desk Heights: 26″ & 30″ (not all desks available in both heights)

Standard Panel Widths: 19″ & 24″

Standard Drawer Compartments: 2 drawer & 3 drawer

Desk top depths and widths vary according to style, consult factory for specifics.