Heavy Duty Cabinets: Seismic Enclosures

The Equipto Electronics Seismic rack offers the maximum protection against even the most severe earthquakes. The Seismic cabinet is derived from the Heavy Duty enclosure Heavy Duty Catalog Section and uses the same double ledge, double plane corner construction. A Seismic Kit is added to our standard Heavy Duty frame to increase the frame’s strength and rigidity. Since Seismic frames are identical to Heavy Duty frames, all the standard accessories of the Heavy Duty product are available.

To order a Seismic rack, simply select the Heavy Duty frame you require with the proper ‘option’ and add a Seismic Kit. These kits consist of additional welding and grinding at the frame’s corners, additional gusseting to the lower portion of the frame, front and rear seismic brace mounting feet, the necessary mounting hardware and a suggested installation guide.

Because Seismic frames are virtually identical in appearance with our standard frames, you can add seismic hardening to your product without redesigning. Specifying Heavy Duty and Seismic enclosures insures your equipment can go into any environment!


The Seismic frame has qualified under the Telcordia (formerly Belcore) specification for seismic activity. This test simulates earth quakes through Zone 4, the most severe seismic activity. The test was performed on our standard frame with seismic kit.

The test results are available per Belcore NEBS document TR-EOP-000063. This document is available from our Engineering Department.

Available Sizes

Standard Panel Heights 21″ to 84″, in any 1 3/4″ increment
Standard Depths 17″, 24″, 29″ and 36″
Standard Panel Widths 19″, 24″, 30″, adapters are available for mounting 23″ equipment

EMI Shielding

Because the Seismic line features a modular design, the cabinets may be shielded to meet FCC through Tempest requirements. FCC requirements may be met with low cost metalizing and silver braid gasketing. The most demanding military Tempest requirements are met with stainless steel frames and double gasketing. Please contact one of our RFI experts (1-800-204-RACK) to help you design to your needs.