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R6 High-End Shielded Cabinets

EEC’s R6 enclosure has the highest EMI/RFI protection available.

The US National Defense Authorization Bill H.R 1540 now passed the House and the Senate. The bill requires our nation’s defense and infrastructure to sustain an EMP attack, both natural and man-made. The threats that the bill mainly focuses on are the following:

  • EMP/HEMP weapons: These weapons on a large scale could have a catastrophic effect such as damaging the power systems, electronics and information systems that make up our nation’s infrastructure. On a smaller directional scale, the weapons can damage surveillance systems, industrial production lines and automotive electronics.
  • Solar storms: Geomagnetic storms could damage large transformers hence resulting in a black-out for almost a year. They also have a devastating effect on the electronics that are crucial for the infrastructure of our country.

Equipto’s R6 shielded enclosure line offers the highest level of protection to your electronics both from Electromagnetic Pulse, High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse, and Electromagnetic Radiation effects. The R6’s cost-effective design is compact and mobile while providing Shielding Effectiveness comparable to an anechoic chamber.  Shielded enclosures, such as the R6 High-End Shielded Cabinets by Equipto Electronics, play a crucial role in protecting sensitive electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). These disturbances can severely disrupt the operation of electronic devices, leading to data loss, system failures, or even damage to the hardware. The importance of these shielded cabinets is particularly pronounced in applications where precision and reliability are paramount, such as national defense, critical infrastructure, and scientific research. The R6 cabinets are designed to offer robust protection against electromagnetic pulse (EMP) events, including those caused by solar storms or potential EMP attacks, ensuring the continuity and integrity of critical systems. They also cater to the need for versatility and customization in harsh and demanding environments, offering various options for doors, line filters, and cooling systems to suit specific requirements.

Using shielded enclosures like the R6 High-End Shielded Cabinets is critical for protecting sensitive applications from High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulses (HEMP). HEMP events, which can be natural or man-made, have the potential to disrupt or damage electronic equipment over wide geographic areas. Shielded enclosures provide a secure environment that prevents the penetration of electromagnetic fields, ensuring the operational integrity and reliability of critical infrastructure and defense systems. This level of protection is indispensable in maintaining national security, scientific research integrity, and the continuous operation of essential services.


The following are some of the applications where R6 is currently being used:

  • Department of State: R6 offers US embassies protection against espionage and possible Directed EMP weapons.
  • Telemetry: Used in harsh environments such as the Atacama Desert, the R6 provides protection against Electromagnetic fields generated by large telescopes.
  • Nuclear Research Labs: R6 does not use Beryllium in any of the gaskets and hence is safe to use in nuclear facilities or test laboratories.
  • Gas Turbine Plants: Flexible design of the R6 allows incorporation of complicated cooling and cable routing requirements, while providing protection against Electromagnetic Interference.

R6 is also tested and certified by an independent testing lab to the most stringent Military and Commercial standards.

  • Department of Defense, NSA 94-106 (complete test report available upon request)
  • Commercial, IEEE-299-2006 (Results summary below, report available upon request)


  • Cabinet custom sized to your requirements
  • Choice of front, rear or front and rear doors, panels or combination
  • Four-point door lock system is easily operated
  • Line filters/wave guides to meet your needs
  • Field replaceable door gasketing
  • Proprietary honeycomb air filter in choice of .5″, .625″ and 1″ depths
  • Fiber wave guide(s) as needed
  • Adjustable mounting rails inside (punched, threaded or square hole)
  • Choice of Equipto Electronics’ standard supports or Unistrut
  • Wide selection of accessories
  • Custom cooling to meet your needs
  • RoHS compliant
  • Can be modified to meet MIL-STD-188-125

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