EMI/RFI Shielded Cabinets & Enclosures

The EMI & RFI Shielded Heavy Duty product lines are available in both vertical rack and sloped front console (15 & 30 degree) configurations. Designed with double ledge, double plane corner construction, it is the strongest cabinet in the industry, capable of carrying 3,000 pounds of equipment.

Shielded enclosures allow you to meet a wide variety of requirements for EMI/RFI suppression including:

  • Mil Spec 285
  • FCC Part 15
  • European VDE

Equipto offers EMI/RFI FCC shielded enclosures with the highest protection efficiency available on the market today.  The EMI enclosures are constructed of 400 Series Stainless Steel, which is galvanically compatible with gasket material. We offer R1, R3, R4 & R5 versions of our cabinets. R1 cabinets are shipped ready for user installed gasketing. The gasketing material for R3 racks is beryllium copper spring-finger gasketing. This gasketing does not absorb moisture or support fungus growth, it will not take a compression set over a period of time, it is not affected by air, ozone, ultraviolet and nuclear radiation or solvents and cannot flake or break into small conductive pieces that could short out electronics. R4 enclosures are gasketed with a silver coated nylon gasketing. R5 cabinets have both beryllium copper gasketing and silver coated nylon gasketing. The R3 and R5 racks can meet most TEMPEST and EMP requirements. Additionally there are two stainless steel studs in the lower rear of frames to assist in grounding. Our R6 product meets and exceeds the NSA 94-106 standard.

The FCC racks are made of 14 gauge steel. Silver braid gaskets are attached to the frame with a conductive, pressure sensitive adhesive. The gasket’s foam core offers low closure force. All surfaces of doors, panels and frames that come in contact with EMI gaskets have a metallized corrosion resistive surface. FCC racks provide versatility, reliability and cost efficiency while still meeting FCC, CE Mark or other commercial requirements.

EMI/RFI and FCC cabinets feature panel mounting angles made from 3/16″ steel, 50% thicker than the average used in the industry. Horizontal support channels can be removed because of the extreme strength of the frame. Positive door latching hardware, not magnetic or Velcro stripping, is standard.


EMI & FCC Heavy Duty racks are designed to be modular and flexible, a wide variety of accessories are available. Here is a small sample:

  • Wide variety of Panels and Doors
  • Fixed, Sliding and Modem Shelves
  • I/O Panels
  • Storage and Equipment Drawers
  • Caster Bases, Caster Dollies and Trucks
  • Shock and Vibration (see below)
  • Fans and Blowers for cooling
  • Chassis Guides and Supports
  • I/O compartments for panels
  • Copper Bus Bars
  • Plug Molds


Available Sizes

Standard Panel Heights: 21″ to 84″, in any 1 3/4″ increment

Standard Depths: 17″, 24″, 29″ and 36″

Standard Panel Widths: 19″, 24″, 30″, adapters are available for mounting 23″ equipment

Attenuation Levels

FCC/VDE Shielded Cabinets

Equipto FCC/VDE cabinets provide high attenuation at low cost. These cabinets can help ensure your equipment meets FCC/VDE or other EMI requirements for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Modular construction ensures compatibility with our Heavy Duty and RFI Cabinets. Of course, all the benefits of our Heavy Duty Cabinets, such as 3,000 pound load capacity, make this a very cost effective shielded cabinet. Learn more…

Ka-Shield Cabinets

Ka-Shield Cabinets provide serious protection for EMI/RFI signal intrusions or leakage with sensitive equipment for RF to the microwave Ka band. With shielding effectiveness of over 75 dB at 40 Ghz, these enclosures provide essential defense against EMP weapons and geomagnetic storms that can ‘take out’ communication centers, power plants, surveillance systems and more. Learn more …

R6 – The highest EMI/RFI protection available!

In the fields of intelligence and computer security, TEMPEST requirements, specifically NSA 94-106, is among the most stringent. The new R6 electronics enclosure, developed by Equipto Electronics’ engineers, not only meets but far exceeds the NSA 94-106 standard. The cabinets are custom sized to your requirements. You have options such as front and/or rear doors, panels or a combination of the two; adjustable vertical mounting rails with either punched, threaded or square holes and a wide variety of other accessories. Learn more…

HEMP Shielded Enclosures – High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse

Equipto can make modifications to our standard enclosures to guarantee compliance with MIL-STD-188-125 to protect your critical electronics against the threat of High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse. Test data available upon request.

N6 High-End Shielded NEMA Cabinets

Equipto’s High-End Shielded NEMA Cabinets are designed to protect valuable electronics that are deployed in harsh environments. Learn more …


Shock and Vibration The Heavy Duty Cabinet has been tested to Mil-Std 810D, section 514.3-7,8 and 9, which simulates 20 years of rough service in a mobile application. This cabinet was also tested to Mil-Std 901 which simulates a 10g hammer hit. These test were successfully passed by the Heavy Duty, EMI, and FCC product lines. This option is available by adding a simple hardware kit.

Metals Compatibility

Equipto Electronic uses galvanically compatible material to ensure shielding effectiveness and longevity. To avoid galvanic action between metals that contact each other, refer to the chart below. Each group overlaps, making it possible to use materials from adjacent groups safely.

Group 1: Gold – Platinum – Gold/Platinum Alloys – Rhodium – Graphite – Palladium – Silver – Silver Alloys – Titanium

Group 2: Rhodium – Graphite – Palladium – Silver – Silver Alloys – Titanium -Nickel – Monel – Cobalt – Nickel and Cobalt Alloys – Nickel Copper Alloys – AISI 300 Series Steels – A286 Steel

Group 3: Titanium – Nickel – Monel – Cobalt – Nickel and Cobalt Alloys – Nickel Copper Alloys – Copper – Bronze -Brass – Copper Alloys – Beryllium Copper – Silver Solder – Commercial Yellow Brass and Bronze – Leaded Brass and Bronze – Naval Brass – 400 Series Stainless Steel – Chromium Plate – Tungsten -Molybdenum

Group 4: Leaded Brass and Bronze – Naval Brass – Steels AISI 431, 440, 410, 416, 420, AM 355, PH hardened § Chromium Plate – Tungsten – Molybdenum – Tin-Indium – Tin Lead Solder – Lead – Aluminum 2000 and 7000 Series – Alloy and Carbon Steel

Group 5: Chromium Plate – Tungsten – Molybdenum – Steel AISI 410, 416, 420, Alloy and Carbon – Tin – Indium – Tin Lead Solder – Lead – Aluminum – All Aluminum Alloys – Cadmium – Zinc – Galvanized Steel – Beryllium – Zinc Base Castings

Group 6: Magnesium – Tin