Enclosure Comparison: Heavy Duty vs. Challenger

Often our customers have difficulty choosing between our two cabinet lines, Heavy Duty and Challenger. Both frame lines feature:

  • all welded construction
  • movable panel mounting angles for flexibility in mounting equipment
  • positive door latching (not Velcro or magnetic stripping)
  • wide variety of accessories
  • manufactured under an ISO 9001 compliant quality program!

Corner Samples

The corner details show the differences in frame construction. The Heavy Duty frame features double ledge, double plane plane corner construction making it incredibly strong. It’s capable of supporting up to 3000 lbs of equipment. The Challenger line is designed for less strenuous duty. It’s supports approximately 800 pounds.

Rules of thumb for deciding between Heavy Duty and Challenger frames:

Reasons to choose a Heavy Duty frame vs. a Challenger frame

If you will…

  • be loading more than approximately 800 lbs. [even load] into the frame. (consult factory for specifics)
  • have a heavy weight load that will be repeatedly rolled over an uneven surface.
  • need seismic protection.
  • need to gasket all openings against dust and/or moisture.
  • need FCC or EMI shielding protection.
  • have a single bay frame with heavy equipment that you will be sliding out.

Reasons to choose a Challenger frame vs. a Heavy Duty frame

If you will…

  • be loading less than approximately 800 lbs. [even load] into the frame. (consult factory for specifics)
  • need a smaller foot print (21-1/16″ wide vs. 24-1/16″ wide).
  • need the most economical frame (Heavy Duty is generally 50% more expensive than Challenger).