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ms and Policies

ments. Factory Representatives

Evaluation units are restricted to standard catalog items and do EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION is represented
not include blowers, fans, special or modified components by manufacturer’s representatives in all of the Continental
unless specifically agreed to by the factory. United States and Canada. EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS COR-
PORATION sales representatives are trained by the factory,
Engineering Evaluation units are available to your engineers through sales and engineering seminars, to discuss your enclo-
upon application to our sales representative in your area. Units sure problems with you and to solve them by recommending
will be shipped to you, shipping charges prepaid. You may use the proper units in the EQUIPTO ENCLOSURE SYSTEM
the unit for 30 days or longer if necessary. After you have prop- that will best meet your specific requirements.
erly evaluated an Equipto Enclosure against your requirements,
you may return it to us. Your only cost will be prepayment of Pricing Notes
shipping charges back to our factory. Should you wish to pur-
chase the unit rather than return it, a discount (percentage to be Prices for Heavy Duty and Challenger Vertical frames and
determined by factory at time of purchase) will be applied Sloped Front frames include punched and plated Vertical
against our published list prices. Mounting Rails and the fasteners necessary to mount equip-
ment in the frame. Prices do not include a base.
When we offer you a typical unit for engineering evaluation, we
expect that it may be returned to us scratched or damaged. If Prices for Heavy Duty and Challenger Angular frames include
this occurs, you entail no obligation to us. In fact, if for certain joining hardware, plain base, top panel and rear panel. Sloped
evaluation purposes, like destructive testing, the unit may be Front angular frame prices also include a sloped front panel.
damaged beyond repair, we will, upon proper application to the Prices do not include Vertical Mounting Rails.
factory, extend to you written permission for destructive testing
and final disposal of the unit at your facilities. Prices for all Challenger and Solid System Bench Top frames
are without Chassis Guides. If required, Chassis Guides must
Engineering Drawings be ordered separately.

Engineering drawings or 3D models, showing such pertinent Quiptron desk assemblies are shipped assembled.
details as inside clearances, panel areas, over-all heights and
widths, and other engineering information, are available to engi- Prices for all desks with Electronic Compartments include a
neers upon request for any of the units in the EQUIPTO plain bottom panel. If grilled panels are required, please spec-
ENCLOSURE SYSTEM. ify on your order and contact factory for pricing.

All Equipto Electronics Corporation drawings are on standard All Express Line prices are net and are not subject to dis-
military format and are available with limited rights upon direct count.
application to the Engineer Dept. of Equipto Electronics
Corporation. Anyone requesting drawings for their documenta- Additional charges apply when joining Heavy Duty frames.
tion will be required to sign a limited rights agreement. Please contact the factory.

Guarantee Finishes

When used for the purpose for which it has been designed, and The Standard Finish
within the limits as specified, every item manufactured by
EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION is guaranteed for The standard finish is a single coat of water based, semi-gloss
one (1) year from the date of purchase against defective material baking enamel. There are seven standard colors available
and workmanship. This guarantee does not apply while material, smooth or textured. All parts, sub-assemblies, and assemblies
manufactured by EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION, to be painted the standard finish, are thoroughly cleaned and
is in transit from our factory to the customer’s designated chemically treated to ensure clean, properly etched surfaces
receiving point. for the application of the finish. The enamel, formulated to
comply with Equipto Electronics Corporation specifications,
is baked on to produce a finish of lasting beauty and durabili-

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