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Terms and Policies

Pricing Policy and will be figured on the net price of the items involved.

EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION prices do not Please contact factory for cancellation, change or substitution General Information
include sales tax, excise tax, or any other government charge charges.
upon production, sales or shipment of goods, now imposed or
hereafter becoming effective which shall be added when, as and Claims for Damage
WITHOUT NOTICE. All material is priced and shipped F.O.B. our plant in Aurora,
Illinois. Claims for damaged material must be filed by the pur-
TERMS: All EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION chaser with the carrier. Transportation charges paid by the pur-
prices are F.O.B. our shipping dock, from our plant in Aurora, chaser include the cost of insurance against damage to the mate-
Illinois. Terms are Net 30 days. rial being shipped. EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORA-
TION designs and test its packaging to meet the specifications
A minimum charge of $50.00 will apply to each order. set by the National Safe Transit Association.

Addressing Orders Returned Goods

All orders must be addressed to EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS Written authorization must be obtained from EQUIPTO ELEC-
CORPORATION, 351 Woodlawn Avenue, Aurora, Illinois TRONICS CORPORATION before material may be returned for
60506-9988. All orders will be considered as offers to purchase credit. This authorization must be retained prior to the actual
only until they have been acknowledged by EQUIPTO ELEC- return of the material. Returned merchandise is subject to a
TRONICS CORPORATION. Orders will be acknowledged as restocking charge. This charge is figured on the net price of the
promptly as possible. returned goods. At the time of issuing the return authorization
number we will advise you of the re-stocking fee that will be
Advance Orders applicable to the returned material. No deductions are allowed in
All orders received by phone, FAX, electronic mail, or otherwise invoices unless a credit memorandum has been issued by the
considered advance orders, must be confirmed within seven (7) Corporation. Material which was manufactured to special order,
calendar days. The shipping date will be established from the a modification of a standard item, obsolete design or material
date that the confirmation of an advance order is received in the specially finished, or any materials retained more than 90 days
offices of EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION in after shipment, are not returnable for credit.
Aurora, Illinois.
Changes in Design or Structure
Confirmation of Orders
In keeping with our basic intention to always present the most
Orders received in the office of EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS modern concept in sheet metal cabinetry and accessories for
CORPORATION, in Aurora, Illinois, by telephone, mail, FAX, housing and installing electronic equipment and instrumentation,
or electronic mail bearing a bonafide purchase order number, but we will, from time to time make improvements in the design of
not actually executed on the customer’s purchase order form, the EQUIPTO ENCLOSURE SYSTEM and associated equip-
must be confirmed within five (5) working days after receipt of ment. We reserve the right to make these product changes as and
the original offer to buy. If this does not take place shipment of when they are deemed necessary.
such orders cannot be established and must be based on the date
of official acknowledgement by EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS Engineering Evaluation
We believe that many times it becomes impossible to determine
Cancellations, Changes or Substitutions exactly what type of enclosure might be required for a specific
project or product. We further believe that a practical approach
On orders comprised of standard catalog items, a charge may be to this problem is to have a typical unit placed at the disposal of
applied when cancellations of, changes to, or substitutions on your engineering department for proper evaluation. In this man-
such orders are made, based on the manufacturing status of the ner, electronic equipment and instrumentation can actually be
order at the time that EQUIPTO ELECTRONICS CORPORA- mounted in a given enclosure to determine, in the original proto-
TION is notified of such action at its offices in Aurora, Illinois, type stages, what type of enclosure will best meet your require-

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