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Equipto Express Line
5 Day Service

When you Need Modular Cabinets - Fast!

The Equipto Express Line offers shipment of our Heavy Duty Express Line
most popular size rack enclosures in as-little-as Vertical Rack
5-working days. It is ideal for customers who
have a need for a configured enclosure ASAP.
Your deliver time may be subject to availabilities,
special needs and time order is placed. If Equipto
Electronics can’t meet your specific need with
the 5 day Express line, most catalog items can
ship in 10-15 working days. Please consult
factory for delivery schedule and pricing.

Vertical Rack

All of the cabinets offered in the Express Line
have a 19" panel width. You may choose from
Heavy Duty vertical racks, Challenger vertical
racks. Racks are available as a single bay or multi-
ple bay. There are a variety of accessories avail-
able for each of the lines offered. You may choose
from any of our in-stock standard colors - finish
will be textured.

Visit our web site at for the latest technical data or a price quote H1
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