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Ordering Instructions for Example #1
Standard Colors
Finish T-091-101-0
Heavy Duty, Challenger and Solid System Cabinets can be fur- Indicates textured two-tone finish
nished in any combination of the standard semi-gloss colors with frames and base painted
shown. Normally the frame and the base are painted one color Antique White and balance of the
and the balance another color. Finishes can be smooth or tex- items Royal Blue. No plastic
tured. laminate tops.

Method for Ordering Paint Colors Example #2

Specify Indicates Color of Finish S-051-051-2
“T” or “S” for Textured Balance of Items Doors Indicates smooth Satin Black all
one color with walnut plastic
or Smooth Panels, etc. laminate.

X - XXX - XXX - X

Indicates Color of Indicates Color of
Frames and Bases Plastic Laminate Shelf

For any other combination, consult factory. Inserts Panels

Quiptron Add your paint no. to your order as follows:

The Quiptron Line is furnished with black legs and polished Color Leg-Black Balance Top
chrome feet. Order the remaining parts in any of 12 standard col- Number Foot-Chrome of Items Color
ors. You also have a choice of Oak, Walnut, or Off-White lami-
nated tops. Static control tops are available in Off-White. (Textured Only) “ XXX X
Textured paint is standard for this line. For any other combina-
tion, consult factory. Examples: “ 121 1

All One Color “ 101 2

If No Top Ordered “ 121 0

Instrument Add your paint no. to your order as follows:
Color Top & Bottom
Instrument Cabinets can Number Bezels
be painted all one color
or two-toned. Choose (Textured Only) XXX XXX
any combination of stan-
dard semi-gloss colors in Examples: 091 022
textured finish.
All One Color 101 101

Equipto Express Line Note: The following exceptions apply to Express Line orders:
4All Express finishes are textured.
Express Line products may be ordered in any standard color
shown in the color chart. To specify color, refer to the product
line instructions listed above.

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