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id System Means Solid Economy Introduction to Solid System
Solid Systems
The Solid System Enclosures product line offers several frame
and console options. They are identical to the Challenger System Vertical Rack Frame
of Modular Cabinets except the Solid System has integrated,
non-removable sides while the Challenger System has an open
frame construction with removable side panels. This offers the
single-bay user all the advantages of a complete system with the
cost saving factor of elimination of removable side panels. When
removable side panels are not required, we feel the Solid System
is the most practical and economical approach to standard design.

The Solid System offers a large range of shapes and sizes, but
most importantly a wide selection of accessories are available to
compliment your system and enhance functionality and flexibili-
ty. The Solid System Cabient accessories include items such as
Cabinet Trucks, Equipment Shelves, Drawers, Work/Writing
Shelves, Turrets, Lift Bolts and Chassis Supports. Please refer to
the Challenger section of the catalog for the complete selection of

For more information on these products, please see the following
pages. If you have any questions, please call (800) 204-7225.

45° Double Slope Console

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