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Introduction to the
Heavy Duty System

Heavy Duty modular-designed cabinets Heavy Duty
will meet any equipment requirement
Heavy Duty Cabinet
The Heavy Duty modular electronic cabinet system is designed to Assembly with
support your electronic equipment in a variety of difficult envi- Acrylic Window
ronments. From simple high weight bearing capacity (3,000
pounds) through the most strenuous shock and vibration environ- Door and Recessed
ments (NEBS Seismic, Mil-Spec 810, Mil- Spec 901) through Base (rear view)
EMI/RFI shilding environemnts (FCC Part 15, Tempest, Mil-Std
285), Heavy Duty cabinets allow you to place your systems wher-
ever they might go. We believe that the Heavy Duty Enclosure
System is the finest electronic cabinet line on the market today.

To further support you, the widest selection of accessories is
available to further enhance the function and economy of the
Heavy Duty System of Electronic Cabinets. The Heavy Duty
accessories include such items as; Cabinet Trucks, Equipment
Shelves, Equipment/Storage Drawers, Work/Writing Shelf
Frames with Laminated Plastic Insert Panels, Turrets, Lift Bolts,
Sliding Chassis Shelves, Laminated Plastic Work/Writing
Shelves, “Pull-Out” Shelves, Hinged Drawer Shelves, Chassis
Guides and Supports, and Door and Panel Options such as grills,
louvers and perforated openings.

For more information on these products, please see the following
pages. A description of the various Heavy Duty Frames begins on
page A2. An index of Heavy Duty Accessories is on page A26.
Shieded Enclosures and Accessories begin on page A110. Seismic
Hardening Kits are on page A25.

If you have any questions, please call (800) 204-7225.

Vertical Rack Frame A1
with Recessed Base

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