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Heavy Duty Vertical Frames

The Heavy Duty modular electronic cabinet system is designed to support your electronic equipment in a variety of difficult environments. From simple high weight bearing capacity (3,000 pounds) through the most strenuous shock and vibration environments (NEBS Seismic, Mil-Spec 810, Mil- Spec 901) through EMI/RFI shielding environments (FCC Part 15, Tempest, Mil-Std 285), Heavy Duty cabinets allow you to place your systems wherever they might go. We believe that the Heavy Duty Enclosure System is the finest electronic cabinet line on the market today.

Step 1 - Frame Dimensions:

Panel Height:

To calculate the overall frame height, add 5.25" to the Panel Height.
Any 1.75" increment is available. If your size is not listed above, select "Other" and contact the factory.

Overall Frame Depth:

17 1/16" depth is not available in panel heights over 49."
If your size is not listed above, select "Other" and contact the factory.

Panel Width:

Please indicate if you also need:

Punched vertical mounting rails

Tapped vertical mounting rails

No rails

Lift eye bolts

Seismic Zone 4 Rated

Challenger frames are available in a Solid Side configuration with plain, non-removable side panels. Solid Side frames are the most practical economical frame when removable side panels are not required. Because they are otherwise identical to Challenger frames, all Challenger accessories are available. Please specify Solid Side frame in the steps that follow.

Frame quantity and assembly style:

Single Frame Multiple Frame Angular Assembly
  Number of frames: Choose the angle:


Number of bays:

Left: Center: Right: